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Préstamo Estudiantil    •    Bancarrota    •    Protección al Consumidor

Aprenda Sobre Las Opciones Que Son Más Adecuadas Para Usted Y Como Esas Opciones Podrían Facilitarle La Vida

Préstamo Estudiantil

  • Incumplimiento de Préstamos Federales

  • Consolidación de Préstamos Federales

  • Opciones de Reembolso de Préstamos Federales

  • Puede Terminar Embargos/Intercepción de Reintegro de Impuestos

  • Defensa Judicial de Préstamos Privados

  • Opciones de Liquidación Para Estudiantes Con Préstamos Privados

  • Revisión de Alta Administrativa

  • Revisión del Perdón del Servicio Público


  • Normalmente Borra Todas Las Deudas de Tarjetas de Crédito y Deudas Medicas

  • Explora La Mediación de La Hipoteca

  • Examina La Hipoteca ó Gravámen de Asociación de Propietarios

  • Ampliamente Protege Toda La Propiedad

  • Discute Las Opciones de Bancarrota Para Préstamos Estudiantiles

  • Representación del Proceso Adverso

  • Su Cónyuge No Tiene Que Hacer La Bancarrota Con Usted

  • A Menudo Mejora Su Puntaje de Crédito

Protección Consumidor

  • Acoso Al Acreedor – FDCPA

  • Reporte de Problemas de Crédito – FCRA

  • Defensa de Juicio Hipotecario

  • Representación de Litigación Civil

  • Revisión de Contracto

  • Testamentos, Fideicomisos, y Propiedades

  • Daños Corporales

  • Incapacidad y Compensación de Trabajadores

Escógenos Para Hacer Todo Más Facil Para Tí

Nuestra Asistencia

  • Ofrecemos Consultas Por Telefono

  • Opciones Flexibles de Pago

  • Locación Conveniente

  • La Mayoría de Consultas Son Gratis

  • Tu Consulta Es Siempre Con Un Abogado


Atención a Tus Preocupaciones

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Lo Que La Gente Dice de Nosotros

Mr. Roberts took the time to listen to my financial concerns, asked many questions and then provided me with several options that would fit my need.
He spent almost 45 minutes on the phone with me. He has a lot of knowledge about the Student Loan situation, which is what I contacted him about,
but we also discussed my other debt and he offered solutions for that as well. I would strongly recommend Lewis Roberts
if you are unsure of your options with Student Loans or any other debt.
Laura W.
“Lewis acted as our bankruptcy attorney and was extremely responsive and knowledgeable. Lewis was extremely responsive throughout our case,
and did a wonderful job making the best out of a bad situation. He was very knowledgeable and made many recommendations
which benefited us in our case. We highly recommend him and his office.”
Jeff & Debbie C.
We found Lewis and his paralegal, Lisa, to be very prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend his office.
Mary C.
“On many occasions I have been able to call on Lewis’ expansive knowledge of Bankruptcy law. He is very knowledgeable and personable.
I would, and have, referred clients to him for bankruptcy assistance.”
Dennis Chen, Attorney
Attorney Roberts and his staff were outstanding from start to finish. They made us feel very comfortable with the entire process and
saw it right to completion. Very professional. I would have no problem recommending my friends to Attorney Roberts.
Carl J.
Mr. Roberts and his law office are great. Answered all my questions throughout the entire process. Lisa who works there is amazing
and is also extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. Best decision I could have made.
Moses E.
Lewis Roberts helped with my Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. He was always available via email and the process went as well as expected.
I had a mortgage and HOA foreclosure and the bankruptcy discharged that debt. I would recommend Lewis and his wonderful staff.
Mike R.
“One of an elite group of litigating BK attorneys, Lewis has a unique background in Real Estate. Lewis is a graduate of Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Litigation Model that proactively seeks recourse for violation of clients rights and protections and make the Creditors pay for their transgressions.
If you have Creditors violating your rights or the protections offered by Federal or State law….call Lewis.”
Stan Lockhart, Attorney
Our experience with Lewis Roberts, PA has been excellent. He is professional and ethical (which can be rare in the legal field). Lewis met with us personally, took the time to listen and answer all of our questions/concerns about filing bankruptcy and explained the process thoroughly.
As someone who works in the legal field I recognize the value of a GOOD attorney. We would highly recommend attorney Roberts.
Cyndie B.
I am thankful to have been referred to Mr. Roberts’ office. He and his staff were professional, knowledgeable and prompt to respond to questions. Everything ran as smoothly as I had hoped. I would recommend them to anybody in need of legal assistance.
Brian D.
The law office of Lewis Roberts did an excellent job with our case. Kept me sane when things got turned upside down.
Thanks again to Lewis and Lisa Roberts.
Mario M.
“Lewis and my firm have worked together on a number of cases.
We find him to be a diligent and knowledgeable attorney, and one to whom we are comfortable referring matters.”
Margery Golant, Attorney
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